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This is marvellous! Great Job , Serran! And u looking sweet too. :-D


Great, and well deserved Wall of Fame. Love the T-shirts too.


Serran, you make the rest of us look like amateurs. You're the ultimate Planeteer. TP, how proud do you feel right now?

I'm gonna be in Madrid in 2 weeks. Can I get one of your shirts? ;)
Ans as Manal said, you're a real cutie!

Enjoy the USO. Hope you get to see Rog.


Thanks Serran for your video message! :-) De verdad tienes mucho corazón y valor! :-) You are the ultimate TP freak! Enjoy next week at the USO! Vamos Don Rogelio! - At least Federer made it to the QF which will start NEXT WEEK, no? It's just perfect for you. I also hope that you can hand over a shirt to Sol two weeks later in Madrid! And I hope that you can celebrate Fed's victory!


Excellent job, Serran! With supporters like you, I am very hopeful our Roger will do well!


Awesome Serran!!! You are a great representative of this blog. Enjoy the matches. Safe trip


I LOVE your video, Serran! It's nice to hear what other planeteers sound lik. I really hope to catch you on TV

Have tons of fun in NYC




Oh Goodness! Well done Serren!I wish we all could own one so we can wear to what ever Tennis event we go to.AO or even to Esky's competition matches.This would give great publicity. Enjoy Serren. You are a STAR!


Oh my I love to purchase one of your shirts. WOW how I wish we all can go with you. I am so proud of you and this site.


PS Teep would you make a similar video. Love to see you in this our site shirt !!! ( and your basement of course..and the goats and others ..)


Fantastic Serran, what a great idea. Hope you have a wonderful time at the open.


Wow Serran -- this is awesome. Well done and have a great time!

Take a couple of extra T-Shirts with you and give one to Roger. Maybe he'll wear it or maybe, just maybe, he'll visit the site. Ooops, on second thoughts, you better not. Roger (and TP too) is probably better off not knowing that TP has fully sussed out his personal life.


wow, that is marvellous. The rest of us don't even have the basic USTA shirt let alone the TP version. We will look for you in the crowd. If I could get tickets I'd go but I was told yesterday that it was sold out. Lucky you. go Federer


Thank you all! You guys are amazing, and without you there would be no point in doing any of these crazy things ;)

If you'd like to have one shirt, I can try to come up with a more "neutral" design that could be used at every tournament. I can change the US Open logo and place a tennis ball instead, for example. Something like that.

Then, if you like it, we can see how to get them made and shipped to you. If it's enough people we could get the price down a bit ;) Or you can just grab the image files from the second link above, and have them printed onto any standard T-shirt you want. That's probably the easiest way. I will also post a link to the updated design soon.

Thanks again guys!


OMG! After the RF cap the TP shirt is born! :-) LOL. Hey, I'd love to have such a shirt too! i.e. with: YourAkaName in your case: Serran: Certified TP freak! LOL. You should also create a logo for those who are on the w.o.f. list. :-)


Muy Bien Serran! Quiero una camiseta tambien por favor. Have fun at the Open!


Serran, that's just spectacular. They should give you a merchandising booth next year. :-)


Alex, i doubt he ever will. The most he would do is to let his inflatable doll (dressed as Mirka with those big sunglasses on) speaks on his behalf and the goats to act as supporters.


Well done, Serran! Have a great time!


Serran you are fabulous! Would love a shirt myself! Cool to hear you and M hooked up. Sooo jealous of all your travels. You lead a very exciting life that's for sure.


He leads an incredibly exciting life. You should hear some of the "Serran brothers" stories.
These gentlemen should write a book. Tennis fans would read it for sure.
Move over, Jon Wertheim. :-)

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