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Roger had to distance himself from Tiger, becoming more close to Pit.


federer hasn't got his buddy Woods to challenge him and keep him winning.


That's Pete :)


or perhaps Federer now realises that home life and a good reputation are better than winning lots of trophies and playinng around so he's less worried about adding to his total.
Hi Veglia --- so you are hanging around with nothing to do either ???


Sometimes ... I got hooked up on these challenges. Fun. I even won once, although the easiest one ever.


Tiger's fall shows Pete that having a secure marriage is more important than anything else.


Marriage does no harm to the athlete sport results, quite the contrary.


Tiger shows Pete that trophies are not important.


Tiger is yet another disgraced American "athlete" (Armstrong? Phelps? None of course have fallen as badly as Tigger). How many American sports legends are left standing, pure as the driven snow? Michael Jordan, Pete, and Ali? Pete and Ali are probably the only Americans in individual sports who have accomplished so much, and still worthy of admiration.


Oh No I missed it. I'll come back with the answer.


Maybe he is the GOAT for American athletes in their sport. No one is even talking about Tiger anymore around here. Rory is the big golf phenom now. How quickly they fall. He is probably the cleanest all-around great athlete now.....highly marketable for endorsements in the U.S.

Manal Ismail

Pete gets back some endorsements (more frequent appearance on Tennis tourneys and flashbacks/special segment/show on the telly esp during cinci and US Open, and get a star walk of fame treatment as opposed to the walk of shame for old Tiger? And his jump-smash shots would be more significant than that of Tiger's swinging/swinger(sic) skills?

Manal Ismail

Or Pete is into golf pro and launching a new career in it? Playing for a different set of golf tourneys?


Pete now the cleanest-cut image of an American superstar playing an individual sport. Better image, more appearances, more endorsements, especially those appealing to the country club crowd, viz. tennis and golf.

Among those who have won exactly 14 majors, he's the best famile man we've got :-)

Tennis Planet


Sampras was clearly playing second fiddle to Woods as Federer's friend when Woods was at his peak. Even the media picked it up with series of ads pitching the two together, against each other, with....well, that one didn't air, I think. Federer is now stuck with Sampras by default. Sampras will take it - gladly. Why? Becasue he HAS no freaking friends. Heck, he doesn't even have enemies except that buffet loving wanna be sumo wrestler with an eternal inferiority complex.


Thanks TP! Can't wait for the next one :) Love your site!


well done Veglia --- you're on the same wavelength as TP !!!!!


Congrats Veglia. Love it. Well done


LOL - I know, right? I thought that was an un-accomplishable feat.


actually Veglia -- -are you TP in disguise --- last 2 wall of fames you've been the first answer in a crowd of brilliant tennis fanatics, posting mere minutes after the contest starts , and you've been right. Or are you TP's twin ?????


... and I thought you guys were never going to figure out :)


Congarts Veglia!


Good job Veglia. Double WoF for you then


Well Done Veglia!


Congrats Veglia. Your definitely tuned into the TP frequency. Tough competition for sure!


Thank you all! So much support, feels really good. TP does a great job of keeping this the best tennis site on www.


Congrats V! Man you are fast!

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