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What a wonderful photo Blake san and Bluechyll Lucy san !! I am going to congratulate Bluechyll Lucy to become a high school graduate on Jan. 19 2011 !! Bravo !! I myself also was a graduate while I was a Tennisplanet citizen !! Yippeeee ! Blake san I miss your comments , I hope you post often again !!

Thank you so much for the lovely photo!! The Australian dollar is sooooo strong now, great for travel I am sure.!!!!44

Happy Holiday !!


I mean Bluechyll Luch san ..I was typing too fast. My apology.


T.P. Blake deserves a conditional invite back for this one:) Preferably after the Aussie Open, lol. Well done you two.


What a wonderful Pic!!!! Glad U two could meet!!!


Don't rush things, kids! Remember, I said "Meet at the AO 2011" - you are a month ahead of schedule!

And absolutely, Blake should be granted a reprieve - look forward to hearing him gush about Bluechyll...


Dang, i almost thought it was an engagement pic. My Bad, Sorry.
But u two looked awesome!


Dear TP sama, Merry Chirstmas to you !!

I guess I missed why Blake san is not around anymore. But reading other comments made me realize that he is not here for some reasons . TP sama, if we are allowed to vote for anything like welcoming someone back, I would love to vote YES for such a wonderful longtime resident who is a friend of one of my favourite citizens ( Bluechyll Lucy san ) to comment here again and again and again. TP sama I know you are very busy, I do hope all the fires are extinguished and I do hope you are feeling good about not having anymore fires; but please spare a few minutes to consider this very important issue in my head. We love you TP sama. Bye .


Hey! Well done!Great picture! Great meeting! I was thinking why is this only happening in Australia! We'll all should meet at AO.We'll call Jett too.


I already posted on Wall of fame, so I'll paste my comment again over here:
Thanks Bluechyll! You two make a very very nice couple!
Well, there's the proof that a Fedfan and a Rafafan can get along ;)
Hey, TP, aren't you proud to have paticipated in making two people come together like that?! All the best to you two!

@Manal: Don't they look cute all dressed up? How do we know it is not an engagement pic? :)


"Well, there's the proof that a Fedfan and a Rafafan can get along ;) "

Blake had to convert first. He no longer celebrates the birth of Rafa.



They look sensational don't they. And it's summer down there as well. Hard to fathom right now in New York where it's quite cold and gray this Christmas morning.


Have they set a date yet for the nuptials? ;)


Beautiful couple!


I'm always so curious about other Planeteers so thanks for this very nice picture.

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