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??? None I think.


TP, Given that you are not listing an "era", my answer is:

Stefan Edberg's wife (Annette). She previously dated his rival, Mats Wilander.


Tommy Haas


John Lloyds wife Chris Evert was romantically linked to Jimmy connors


Talking about romance -
Jenny is Mathew Goode pretty popular over there?

I watched "Leap Year" - chick flick but I thought pretty funny.


LOL Clare, I've never heard of Mathew Goode!


I think David Tennant is more popular here. Hugh Laurie of course.


Hey claire I know Mathew Goode,he's gorgeous ! I first noticed him in Chasing Liberty.


TP before you ban me for spamming a wall-of-fame post I think Stella is the winner on this one. TP just lurvvvesss picking on Chrissy Evert.


I want to be the first one to congratulate Overcaffinated san!! I am sure he got the right answer. I am sorry I was wrong. I searched and realized that yes indeed in 1992 Mr. Stefan Edberg married his long time fiance named Anette Hjort Olsen who previously a live in partner of another tennis great Mr.Mats Wilander ( who was rude in his comments about our Federer san but later apologized. I did not know these people but now I am so interested to find out more. I cannot imagine the type of headlines telling this type of romances in those days. Way to go Overcaffinated san. And it was written that Mr. Edberg 's tennis not as good after marriage. ( BUT I am sure he is happy). Looking at the pictures, I think he is better looking than the losing rival. ( my humble opinion only.

Please enjoy the coming year end tournament overcaffinated san. I hope now you got invitied to the penthouse of our site master. Since it is not the previous basement, it is safer for you to go and claim your prize there..:grin:


easy one! Annette Olsen (Stefan Eberg wife's). She dated Mats Wilander.


Wow, this Annette Olsen is a lucky lady. She was probably getting alot of free passes to the tennis courts


Overcaffeinated -- sadly I believe you could be correct. My hunk Stefan did marry Annette who had been dating Mats.
But Chrissy E was shuffling between courts too !!


Hi Cheiko san... thank you for your kind words (overall) in your comment. Regarding the wall of fame, until our beloved TP confirms what the answer is, then I will reserve my moment 5-seconds "in the sun". I shudder at the thought of having to visit "the" basement at any time :-)

Yes, I am very much looking forward to the WTF tournament and it cannot come around quick enough. Will be ready and waiting with my excitement and frustration at watching the 2010 version of Roger.

Hope you enjoy the tournament as well..

Cheerio, OC


Yes, I too believe Overcaffeinated has this one in the bag, so to speak.


TP sama please award the prize to Overcaffeinated san !!! :grin: (really enjoyed reading your comment back to me OC san!! )

Special request: please TP sama broadcast the presentation ceremony to us by video, we love to see your new home!! Pleeesssseeeeeeeeeee!!

Really am excited about the year end tournament. Best to the best 8!! Best to my own hero!! Yes!!


Yes HE is! Watch "Leap Year", first time I've seen him! He's done a Woody Allen movie, and "The Lookout". Leap Year was filmed in west Ireland, beautiful!




congrats OC on ascending the Wall


Well done Overcaffeinated!


Thanks TP for confirming the answer and for elevating me to the revered Wall of Fame. I am truly humbled and honoured for this achievement. This would not have been possible without the help and support of so many people (insert cracking voice and tears welling here)...

Thanks Cheiko - as always - for your comments.

Thanks Stella and Bettyjane for your congratulatory comments as well.

And here's to the next wall of fame question....

Only a few hours now to the WTF, with Roger playing the second singles match. Should be an excellent week of tennis. Enjoy folks... til later, OC :-)


Overcaffeinated san rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry I have to go back to bed for a few moments and will try..(??) to peak at my hero's game late!! Yippeeee!!

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