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Somebody Else

I have submitted my December 4 birthday request to Bluechyll.


My birthday is May 13 and I LOVE Roger!!!!


TP it's my birthday on the 18th of Nov. I would love to have pics of Edberg, Agassi & Graf with the kids all grown up(I remember spotting one where they went to a Dodgers game I think). I also want pictures of the Agora building&roof and the Wimbledon roof on at night with the lights and all that jazz ! And if you can manage Djokovic doing his thang wearing nipple tassles :D Wait I forgot...Safinator too !


TP, I still have no idea where or how you'd like me to go about adding to this list, but it seems like you've got it sorted :)

Anyhow, here's Novemeber with Xeres' request included in the list -


01 – Adrian

01 – Aey

9 – Cf – Photo Request: hot/cute pics of roger federer

10 – Dominic Anderson.

18 - Xeres - Photo Request: pics of Edberg, Agassi & Graf with the kids all grown up, the Agora building&roof and the Wimbledon roof on at night with the lights and all that jazz, Djokovic doing his thang wearing nipple tassles, Safinator too.

26 – The Humble One.


Oh, and also the new May with ScotsLady's request:


13 - ScotsLady - Photo Request: Roger

30 – Gracie

30 – M’s mom - Photo Request: Roger & Rafa!


Hi Bluchyll! I tweaked my pic request for June. Many thanks.



Thanks. Just watch if I miss to add any of these freaks to the chart. It's bound to happen with these demanding toddlers and their endless requests.


:??????: "with these demanding toddlers with their endless requests" :lol: :lol: :lol:...

yes he is more and more himself again, the site is more and more back to normal again and our crisis is finally over !! I can focus on other things again...yipeeee !!


TP I wanted to tweak my birthday request..so here goes: This time around I'd love some pics of Sasha(Dolgopolov).
Edberg and the Federer twins Rose & Riva :)
Thanks a ton TP , you know we love you xoxo


Hi Bluechyll, can I request a sexy photo of Delpo for my birthday (Feb. 23rd)??? Thanks :)



Dear TP, please delete my name from the birthday list. I'm still reading your site almost every day, but I'm not an active writer anymore.
Thank you!


Stella says -- Raonic would be a good photo too

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