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Hi beautiful Bluechyll san. So nice to see another new home of yours. Hi to your lovely companion dog. I hope you will find a way to help with smileys here!! I miss them. Best to you from Japan !! Mata ne ( see you)!!


Bluechyll I assume you're still the B'day Girl despite TP's freaky real estate moves :) So where do I post my bday details citing my wishes so that they'll be granted ?

Somebody Else

Hi, Bluechyll.
Teep told me to tell you what my freaking birthday is, if I wanted it on the freaking list. My freaking birthday is December 4. The two freaking pictures I would like are:

1) Earth's horizon from low orbit (sunrise not required)
2) somebody laughing hysterically, I mean really really laughing!!!

Thank you for considering my submission. ;)


Bluechyll I have commented on the happy Birthday thread with my bday wishes.Please update the list with my details too.Thanks a ton :)


Hey! I just read elsewhere that you are waiting for admissions results for college. Good luck with your choice! I love your adorable Nina. She's quite long, no?


Congratulations Bluechyll san for going to University. I hope you get your university of your choice. I am so proud of you for I think high school (all the test. all the entrance exam.) is harder than university. I am so sure you will like university much much more.

I am still in University taking courses. But I am not enrolled in any particular programe this year for I really do not know what exactly I want!?? I know I know, but I am working for my uncle in the movie industry. It is very interesting. I still have not forgotten my hopes and dreams in music yet. But in my country now economy is so bad, we this generation are worried for when we graduate, there seems to be no work !! So my parents want me also to learn to be practical. That is why I am learning , a job is important to all of us in our generation. But I shall try to complete my degree in a year or so. I am a music major. I know you are a musician also. I am so happy to know that.

Are you going to stay in university residence or are you going to be at home.

I hope you meent the best friends. And do enjoy your first year. I did very much for I got to know so many friends.

Talk to you soon.


Hi beautiful, really miss reading your comments. I guess you must be busy !!

Here I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!


Hi, Happy 2011! Would u be coming to AO?Have you been to Hopmam cup? Cannot believe that Verdasco was out.


Hi, Yes we are going to AO even though it's the opposite of the country.:)
Esky,my daughter and I are going on the 22nd to
Hisense Arena.We couldn't get hold of lower level Rod Laver tickets.No wonder, every things on e bay! twice the price too.Give me a call or email me, if you can, so we can try to catch up.


In case if you don't have my email or phone numbers,here is my email again.


Hi,Hope you are having a good time in Melbourne. Here is my album of Rally for relief.


enjoyed the pics you posted of your AO trip. One year I'd love to go but I'm not sure if I could handle the heat -- this year would have been fine


It's been a while since I checked my mailbox and there was a letter from you. Those floods looked so awful and were over such a tremendous area. The AO weather was so unusually cool. Weather changes are all over. My family are in England and they had so many snow problems in December and usually they have none. My home is in Ottawa, Canada and we generally have -17C daytime temperatures and lots of snow in winter so my hubby and I have started taking 3 months in a rental treehouse in hilton head , S Carolina in the USA. Usually in January here it should be about 16C ( 61F) but for the last few winters it's been quite a lot lower. WE feel a bit guilty that in the evenings we watch the storms on the Weather Channel that are travelling up the USA and giving dreadful snowy weather to places that are normally mild.
We love biking and walking and this is a paradise for nature. today we biked to a pond where we watched egrets, a few herons and a group of pelicans swooping and feeding. On the way back to our house we saw a deer walk in front of us. Aah, the joys of being retired ( hubby ) or unemployed ( me)


Bluechyll please check Xeres on wanna post re. chieko.

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